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So I just want to start with the first part of the title of my post, IBS and Holidays. It always seems that when you have IBS and think things are under control, a holiday comes along and you have a major attack that puts you out of commission and it doesn’t allow you to spend time with the people you love. It really gets in the way. It has always been that way for me. But this past year, I actually got passed it. I’m not exactly sure if I figured out how, but I think I know what did help. I started eating more Raw foods a couple weeks before the actual holidays came around. The week of Christmas I was still eating Raw and drinking green smoothies with lots of spinach. I also tried some Aloe Vera juice. I think that stuff is fantastic. It definitely calms my insides and makes me feel better in a matter of 10 minutes. I have had good success with it so far, and I will still be experimenting with it on worse days to see if it REALLY works. Over this Christmas season, I ate everybody else’s cooking, treats, snacks and of course cookies. Eating that way would normally reek havoc on my insides, and for some reason it didn’t this year, and I was ecstatic! But then after 5 days of eating like that way I just started feeling like crap from the unhealthy, cooked, processed, full of sugar foods. Every night before bed during Christmas I took fibre pills to keep me some what regular, because I knew my body wasn’t used to this way of eating and I didn’t want to get plugged up! (It’s true) The day after coming home, my stomach wasn’t doing so well, it finally caught up to me, I was feeling extremely sluggish and was getting constant migraines. I thought to myself, how in the heck did I used to eat like that on a normal basis? Since becoming mainly vegetarian and part Raw, I have definitely noticed the benefits of eating healthy and eating fresh foods. Today for supper I cleansed my soul with a giant Green smoothie. I almost instantly started feeling better with that boost of vitamins and good wholesome greenness.

So I am getting back on track, I bought a load of bananas and a huge bag of spinach, so I have no excuse. I need to get back to eating right so that I can feel energized again. I skipped the gym today because  I was feeling so lousy, but I will be back at it tomorrow. I went on Tuesday to the gym and used my new Polar F7, that thing is so awesome (Thanks Hunnie!) It is so easy to use, the chest strap isn’t a nuisance and it uploads easily onto the computer.

Before Christmas came I overhauled the fridge, I took out the old crispers and left that bottom space open, and I added an extra shelf for more room. I got some cheap white storage bins for all my fruits and veggies in the fridge. It brightened it up in there and made it a lot more organized and easier to be Raw!

Now for the second part of the title of my post – 10 in 2010. These are the 10 things that I would like to do in 2010.

1) Run a 10K marathon

2) Glass etchings

3) Grow some of my own veggies

4) Become High Raw/Vegan

5) Achieve goal weight

6) Assemble a cookbook

7) Practice Yoga

8 ) Donate Blood (Iron has always been too low)

9) Better my photography and food photography

10) Chocolate making


I hope that everyone has a good New Years! Be safe and stay healthy, as much as possible. I look forward to talking to everyone in 2010 and sharing all my new experiences in this next year. I can’t wait to do a post at the end of 2010 and look back at everything I have accomplished. Ooo its so exciting!



150 Days Left!


It feels good to be home. Although Christmas was a blast, there was a lot of visiting, card games and food.  4 days in a row is a little much for me and I am happy it is over and that we can get back to our normal eating habits and back to exercising. And I am super excited to get back to exercising because of some of the gifts that I got, such as a Polar F7 with Chest Strap and Lululemon spandex crops and a awesome black pullover. And then when I am done working out, I can hit up the kitchen and make something healthy with my new Mandoline slicer, chopper, and Bullet Express!   (I feel like I’m announcing prizes on The Price Is Right.)  Then after all of that I can go have a relaxing bath and whole body treatment, because I got some bath stuff and some lotions and face stuff. Hmm what else, I got a Raw Food  Dessert book, Klean Kanteen bottle, spice rack, recipe cards, other kitchen gadgets, I got more stuff, but there is too much to list!

This next week will most likely still be quite busy, just organizing and trying to figure out where all the new stuff should be put away. But I will have to share my 2010 New Years Resolutions and what I want to accomplish in the New Year.

Terribly sorry that I have been no where in sight. Holidays always get so busy, and now it is Christmas Eve and it is the start of visiting family for us. I promise to make a post after the holidays are over. I will talk about what I got for Christmas and I will also get back into eating Raw. I redid the fridge, I will update on that as well. Getting my life organized for Raw eating, just need these holidays out of the way.


Anyways, everyone have safe travels and a Very Merry Christmas!

One week until Christmas Eve. Can you believe it?!

Last night went really well eating raw, I snacked on some Organic raspberries. I wish I could eat them more often but they are way too expensive on a regular basis.

I did really good all day eating Raw, I ate Raw until about 9:30pm and I was feeling so hungry and decided I would have a bowl of mushroom soup and a Luna Bar S’mores flavour. So all ‘n’ all I did pretty good at eating mostly raw.

Starting out this morning, I had an apple and an orange for breakfast before heading out to the gym. I did a killer workout at the gym, since I have been kind of slacking lately. 70 minutes of cardio and just over 9 miles total! Check out my RUN page for details. I am feeling so energized.

I went out to visit my mom for part of the afternoon around 3pm, I needed to drop off some presents. I brought an apple and a Raw Organic Food Bar – Chocolatey chocolate chip. I missed my brother and dad because they were heading out to the farm to bring one of the cars back for my brother to use. So soon after I arrived they left. I visited with my mom for a few hours and ate my snacks. The Food Bar was pretty good actually. My mom had a Food Dehydrator hiding in the basement and she gave it to me. Yay, I was so excited. Once my mom sat down for supper I decided I would get back home. I figured I would go home and start dehydrating something or at least figure out foods to dehydrate and get ideas flowing. I just on the road when my brother called me. THEY FORGOT THE CAR KEYS! He called and was like, "Hey we forgot the keys for the car, can you come bring them?" I just laughed, its over an hour drive to the farm and it was already 6pm. So I hightailed it back to mom’s and grabbed the keys and then I was off on my little lonesome road trip. Once I got there, I visited with my dad and brother for awhile at least! Needless to say, I was home by 10:30pm, I was pooped and starving, so we ordered a pizza and called it a night!

raw choc

(picture from Google images)

…You look at your grocery receipt from Superstore and notice that the next time you go there you get $30 free groceries, and you drool over the thought of how many fruits and veggies you can get.

…Also, when your dear boyfriend mentions how we should attach little hooks from the bottom side of the cupboards to hang bananas on.

Today started out with an apple and a Christmas orange. Then I did a 2.4 mile ride on the stationary bike. After that I showered had another orange, a banana and some almonds and was off and ready for the day! I am excited for lunch because it is left over Broccoli salad, I added a few dried cranberries, that made it extra great.

Earlier this afternoon I went out for a bit, I wanted to go scan a few Health Food stores for what they might have to offer me. I came home with a couple Blue Sky sodas, and then went to a pet store and picked up some food for the cats.

Mid afternoon I had a banana and then made a Raw Green Sludge, two handfuls spinach, one banana and some filtered water for blending. Who needs milk anymore? Not I.

Supper is as follows, left over zucchini noodles with raw alfredo and broccoli salad. Yum. And for the evening I will be taking it easy and snacking on fruits and nuts. Maybe more Green Sludge.

Today I tried a High Raw day. It was pretty difficult since I am not totally prepared.  To start off the morning I had an apple and a Christmas orange. I went to the grocery store and got some veggies for tonight’s supper. It is still very cold out today. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow, I can’t wait. I’ve been snacking on some almonds. For lunch I made a Chocolate Banana and Chia seed smoothie. It consisted of 8oz skim milk, 1 tsp Raw Chia seeds, chocolate syrup and 1 Banana. Not completely raw but I’m working at it.

I made Broccoli Raisin Sunflower Seed Salad, my first Raw salad and Dressing that turned out really good! I was pretty impressed with myself and with the recipe. And the main course of tonight’s supper was Fettuccini squash noodles in Alfredo sauce from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. I must say it was a pretty good meal with those two dishes. Pretty proud of myself for my first Raw meal. And there is lots of leftovers for tomorrow. yipee.

Broccoli Raisin Salad on Foodista

Broccoli Salad recipe(this is the recipe that I referred to when making it)


165 Days Left!

I apologise for not posting for awhile, but in these parts its been COLD like -50C the past couple days, soon it will break. So since its been so cold we’ve been basically glued to the couch playing video games!

But anyways, last week Ryan and I had our 2 year anniversary and he got me a Raw Food book! Ani’s Raw food kitchen. It is such a good book, I was so excited when I got it. And he also got me a small box of Chocolate covered Strawberries, they were fantastic.

Since its been cold I have pretty much wrapped all my Christmas presents, the are underneath the tree. Only 10 more days until Christmas. I can’t believe how soon it is coming up. Very excited.

Over the weekend I happened to buy some Aloe Vera juice to try it out. I had it in some Green Tea/Pom juice, but it has a kind of funky taste, so I think I will be putting it in smoothies that have a more powerful flavour to cover it up.

Today is it still very cold out! So all I have been doing is making Raw food meal plans, it takes a heck of a lot of work! I can’t believe it, I thought it would be much quicker. But I have stumbled upon some pretty tasty sounding recipes that I cannot wait to try. My meal plans aren’t completely in place, but I will be starting my High Raw diet now, sort of start my transitioning, because I know Christmas won’t be Raw foods. And once Christmas is over I will be full force into the Raw diet.  My plan is to be very High Raw, I will have the occasional Non Raw meal and snacks, especially while transitioning.  I am even packing up unopened boxes of food in our cupboards to donate to the Food Bank. That way I will have less temptations, and someone else will be able to have something on the table.

I made some Raw Apple Sauce today. It was a nice snack. I can get used to this!


4 apples, cored and chopped – not peeled

a sprinkle of cinnamon

1 tsp Raw agave syrup

I mixed it all in a blender and immediately dished up some. It makes a pretty decent amount. So make as much or as little as you would like. Adjust accordingly.


Tonight supper features Raw Butternut Squash Soup. It was… I’ll say different. It wasn’t gross, but It was really for my taste buds. However, It was super easy to make. Back up supper was some left over Organic rotini alfredo with shrimp. It wasn’t Raw but it was Organic. And for dessert  I had a helping of Raw apple sauce.

P1020371 P1020374

Because I feel like I’m living in the North Pole, its so cold here! Waking up this morning it was almost -40C. I did NOT want to get out of bed and I definitely didn’t want to go outside so that I could get to the gym. But I still did both. My truck almost didn’t start this morning, but she is a tough one. When I was leaving the gym she almost didn’t start again. I feel bad and now she will stay plugged in all day.

Back tracking here, last night for supper I made a Sweet & Sour stir fry with egg noodles, chicken breast and fresh veggies. It was delicious.

Today at the gym I did a total of 6.76 miles, Woo! Read my RUN page for details. After I got home from the gym I made a cup of Hot Chocolate and warmed up some leftovers, in my penguin bowl.

P1020329 P1020344

The afternoon was spent cleaning up the place, finishing all the dishes, washing the cats litter box and vacuuming. I made some Christmas rice krispie squares and made supper, which was a recipe from Kraft, I just basically looked off of it for the basic idea,  which was Chicken Pasta Skillet. It was definitely very tasty, I loved the cheese added at the end, it just brought it all together.


This picture is more appealing than the actual finish product, the tomato sauce just isn’t that photogenic.


Here is making the Rice Krispies!

P1020347 P1020348

P1020350 P1020355

Look at the marshmallow-y goodness!

So the finale for The Biggest Loser was on tonight, so exciting, yay for Danny C, I figured he would win it he is 190 pounds now after being 430 pounds! How crazy is that.

Supposed to be the same temperature waking up tomorrow, uhg, but I will still be going to the gym (unless my truck doesn’t start). If I can go to the gym when its -40C I can do anything!

Have a great night! And stay warm wherever you are.

So to start off, this morning it is -30C/-22F, OMG I can’t believe how fast winter has come here! This weekend has been too slack, it is another get back on track week. No more eating so much junk food for a while, and no more staying up extremely late!

Need to get back on track in several ways! Eating better, drinking lots of water again, keeping the laundry done, keeping the kitchen and dishes clean. Pretty much all of that sums up what has been missing out on action the last few days.  I also need to finish my Christmas shopping, only have some small things to get and then I will be done. I can’t wait to wrap them all up.

Today is going to be a busy day, I need to clean the house up and make things back to the way they should be. Right now I am trying to find motivation to go outside in the -30C weather to get to the gym. I know I will just have to suck it up and go start the vehicle and let it warm up, just hopefully it starts! Definitely need to start plugging it in today.

I’m just going to get going to the gym now! And when I get back I will pump up the Christmas music and get cleaning! I just can’t keep sitting around waiting for motivation, I just need to make it! I need to get to the gym and run my 2.7 miles today.


What is the temperatures like there? Do you have snow?



173 Days Left!


Tuesday night was relaxing, loved sitting on the couch by the Christmas tree. I watched The Biggest Loser for 2 hours, now I have to wait another week for the Finale. I wish it was sooner!

Yesterday morning started out not so great, IBS was acting up today, I wasn’t feeling very well so I skipped breakfast and just sat around trying to feel better. When I started feeling a little decent I packed up and went to the gym for another 2.8 mile cardio workout. I wasn’t all there today, just kind of lacked a lot of motivation, I completed the whole 2.8 but I just wasn’t feeling it today.  When I got home I warmed up a bowl of left over Bean Chili, it’s chilly out side and I needed something to warm me up and fill my belly. For a later snack I made a grilled cheese. I was feeling so incredibly lazy in the afternoon afternoon, so I finally popped in my N’sync Christmas CD (I love it, wanna fight about it?), it puts me in such a good mood. I cranked it up, went into the kitchen and started making some Granolies.  Also in the kitchen I made a wicked Raw salad consisting of peeled and sliced cucumber, carrot, broccoli and sprouts, I put it in a big bowl and refrigerated it for an easy snack or meal. I had a bowl of Bean chili for supper and then a late snack from Badass Jack’s – Honey Garlic Vegetarian Asian Box with egg noodles.

P1020318 P1020313

This morning I had a doctors appointment for some tests, as far as I can tell I am normal. That’s good news and bad news haha. I would like to have a better diagnosis but oh well. I hit the gym as well today did 2.7 miles. My big salad was saved for lunch. Yum. I need to get some things accomplished here today!


Do you have all your Christmas shopping done yet?


177 Days Left!

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