It feels good to be home. Although Christmas was a blast, there was a lot of visiting, card games and food.  4 days in a row is a little much for me and I am happy it is over and that we can get back to our normal eating habits and back to exercising. And I am super excited to get back to exercising because of some of the gifts that I got, such as a Polar F7 with Chest Strap and Lululemon spandex crops and a awesome black pullover. And then when I am done working out, I can hit up the kitchen and make something healthy with my new Mandoline slicer, chopper, and Bullet Express!   (I feel like I’m announcing prizes on The Price Is Right.)  Then after all of that I can go have a relaxing bath and whole body treatment, because I got some bath stuff and some lotions and face stuff. Hmm what else, I got a Raw Food  Dessert book, Klean Kanteen bottle, spice rack, recipe cards, other kitchen gadgets, I got more stuff, but there is too much to list!

This next week will most likely still be quite busy, just organizing and trying to figure out where all the new stuff should be put away. But I will have to share my 2010 New Years Resolutions and what I want to accomplish in the New Year.