So to start off, this morning it is -30C/-22F, OMG I can’t believe how fast winter has come here! This weekend has been too slack, it is another get back on track week. No more eating so much junk food for a while, and no more staying up extremely late!

Need to get back on track in several ways! Eating better, drinking lots of water again, keeping the laundry done, keeping the kitchen and dishes clean. Pretty much all of that sums up what has been missing out on action the last few days.  I also need to finish my Christmas shopping, only have some small things to get and then I will be done. I can’t wait to wrap them all up.

Today is going to be a busy day, I need to clean the house up and make things back to the way they should be. Right now I am trying to find motivation to go outside in the -30C weather to get to the gym. I know I will just have to suck it up and go start the vehicle and let it warm up, just hopefully it starts! Definitely need to start plugging it in today.

I’m just going to get going to the gym now! And when I get back I will pump up the Christmas music and get cleaning! I just can’t keep sitting around waiting for motivation, I just need to make it! I need to get to the gym and run my 2.7 miles today.


What is the temperatures like there? Do you have snow?



173 Days Left!