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Today has been sort of a write-off, I slept in a little bit and once I was up I had to wait for the UPS guy to get here and bring my packages! Christmas presents have arrived! I also had 2 books I was waiting for among those presents. There was "Tell me what to eat if I have IBS" and "Healthy digestion the natural way". There is pictures of the book covers and a link as well in my READ page.  But as soon as my packages arrived I was off to the gym! All my running updates will be posted in my RUN page. Today’s goal was 2.6 miles, and it was achieved. Official marathon training has begun!

The rest of the afternoon I have pretty much been reading my new books. They are pretty good so far. Hopefully for Christmas I will be able to get some good books on Raw Food diets. I added those to my list,  otherwise I will just be ordering/buying them after Christmas!

Tomorrow I am setting up the Christmas tree! The first day of December, and its supposed to snow. So it will be perfect weather for Christmas music and decorating. And of course there will be pictures to follow that.

I have been working on my blog a lot these past couple days, if you haven’t noticed! I am looking to improve and expand. Sometime in the nearer future I will be getting my own website, so stay tuned for that. That will be so exciting!!

New episodes of House and Canada’s Worst Driver are on tonight, so that’s what I will be doing!




180 Days Left!


Friday night I made biscuits, baked chicken drumsticks, and quinoa for supper. And I made a special dessert, an Apple Rhubarb bake. My first post here is the same thing I did but this time I added apples. I used up the rest of the rhubarb I had in the house and sliced up 3 macintosh apples, I whipped up the remaining gluten free pancake mix I had. Poured it all over the fruit and very lightly stirred it. I set the oven to about 300F-350F, and baked it for about 40 minutes. It came out delicious!


Saturday tickets went on sale for John Mayer in April. I got some pretty sweet floor seats for Ryan and I. I am excited, I can’t wait.

Yesterday I set up the Christmas tree just with the lights to test to see what the cats will do, if they will destroy it and knock it down. First night went good, nothing was wrecked and it is still standing!

Today started out with breakfast which consisted of 2 slices whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter. Snacks today were Christmas oranges, and a S’mores Luna bar.


Late lunch today at like 4pm consisted of Badass Jacks and Tim Horton’s. I had an Asian Box with egg noodles, chicken and honey garlic sauce. From Tim Horton’s with both got Large Decaf’s with cream and sweeteners. It really hit the spot, so warm and tasty. I hadn’t had a decaf coffee since I don’t know when!

P1020273 P1020275

Grey Cup is on tonight so that will be what I will be doing for the remainder of the night! Go Riders!


I have been researching a lot about the Raw Food diet, I’ve been reading a lot of Gena’s blog and how she used to have IBS and being a Vegan Raw foodist helped. I didn’t know that Gena! So my next thing to try will be a detox and high-Raw diet. See what improvements I see and so on.  My diet has been fairly clean so the transition shouldn’t be too difficult for me, the hardest thing I think at first would not be able to have dairy, although I am sure I will still have it on occasion. I don’t eat much meat as it is, the occasional chicken/turkey or fish/shellfish. So also that part of the transition will be easier for me.

I am very excited to start a Raw Food detox and hopefully start feeling better. If this is my cure then I would be the happiest person alive! It will definitely take some getting used to, a lot of patience and experimenting, but I am okay with that especially if it really benefits me.

I will have to do more research and planning before I officially start. But as soon as I have a bunch more info I will be starting it and updating everyday on how it is going.


If anyone has any great tips I would love to hear them.

I kind of feel like I am going nowhere with my running. I can barely do 3 miles, and most days I don’t. How am I supposed to do 6.2miles in May next year. I need to rethink my process and write up a different goal list so that every time I go for a run I have a goal to reach before I can leave.

I worked for awhile on a spreadsheet of my goals up to the marathon in May 2010. I think its a great idea. Here’s a little snippet:



Obviously it’s still pretty empty, but as I go I will be filling in the remaining columns to keep track of everything. As it goes on until May, the distances will keep increasing, so by the marathon comes I will be able to easily run 6.2 miles. Slowly, but surely.

So now whenever I go to the gym, I need to reach some kind of goal so that will give me more motivation to keep going. Plus I really need to be able to do the marathon, time will pass too quickly I’m sure and I don’t want to be unprepared for my first ever.


Have you ever ran a marathon? What was your training process?




182 Days Left!

So today I decided to take the hour drive out to the farm to visit my dad. Luckily I did because he needed more milk and cereal, and the dog needed more cookies. My dad is such a silly guy.

But before I left I had to pack some snacks so that I could munch on things while I was there.


I packed all this: water, S’mores Luna bar, 2 raisin bran muffins, 2 Christmas oranges, 2 apples, 1 banana and a handful of almonds.

I ate the Luna bar, 1 orange, a few almonds and the banana. I gave the other orange to my dad. It was nice to have snacks that I know are good, because he has his sugar cereals and cookies out there and I didn’t want to eat those things!

It was a beautiful, but chilly day out in the country, lots of sun.

P1010992 P1020010

These pictures are from September when I was out there last because I didn’t take any new pictures today. But its just so beautiful and quiet. No city noise, and being there at night is awesome because the amount of stars you can see out there is incredible. And then there’s buddy, he was being a big suck today laying in front of the propane heater. He’s 10 years old so his bones are achy.

Yesterday, I pretty much finished all my  Christmas shopping, I bought most of it online so it was easy. Now I only have a few places to go in town to completely finish. And its only one more month until Christmas! It’s getting so close, and I am starting to get pumped. My Christmas tree and the rest of my decorations are going up next week.

But for the rest of the night here I think I am just going to just chill out and watch some The Biggest Loser – Where are they now?. So have a good night all!

So I am back, Saturday was great. Went to Red Lobster for supper with some friends, had some good laughs. Then played the Wii for awhile in the evening.

Sunday was LAZY, all that pretty much happened was we slept in, played video games all day and then had Turkey dogs for supper (No pictures because they weren’t very photogenic) and played more video games. I had a crappy sleep last night because of it, because whenever I closed my eyes I was in the game.

Football was on Sunday, I only watched about a minute of it, but it was already in the 4th and we were ahead 27-11 with like 10 minutes left. I had a good feeling about them this year so I didn’t finish the game, just not in the mood to yell at the TV. But WE ARE GOING TO THE GREY CUP, AGAIN! WOO Go Riders!

Yesterday started out kind of BLAH, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Daisy was meowing at me from the door, I got up and debated whether or not to go to the gym. But I just packed up my stuff and went, I didn’t do an insane intense workout or anything, didn’t really make me feel any better. I was in a funk ALL day long.

To start today off, I didn’t want to get out of bed again, I don’t know what is with me. But again I made myself go to the gym, and man did it feel good! It was such a good workout. I think it finally brought me out of my ‘funk’ that I was in, it was getting rather depressing so I am glad to be feeling back to normal. I went to one of the bulk food stores and just scoped out the place. Now I am working on my list of things I will need to Christmas baking, buns and cinnamon buns. Its cheaper to buy from there. Tonight, I think we are going out for supper since family is in town.

I really don’t have much to update on today. Just getting back into the groove, feeling a little better again.


I’ll try to make my next post way more exciting!



186 Days Left!

Good day all!

Yesterday I made vegetarian bean chili for supper and homemade biscuits, they were perfect! Can you say YUM! Every time I have ever tried to make biscuits they turned out to be better rocks than anything, but this time they were soft and oh so tasty, especially along side bean chili.




This morning I woke up to nightmares, oh just horrible. And to chase them off I had a LARGE Green Monster!


Eek, I need to go buy more spinach and bananas now though, I used mine all up.

Today is my day with kitties, boyfriend is gone for the day for class again. I have no idea how I am going to get through the day. There is nothing to do here!


I am off now to get dressed and ready. I will let you know how it all pans out!




189 Days Left!


I was looking through some of the blogs that I enjoy, and I happened to click on Gena’s from Choosing Raw, and the topic was Birth Control. There was some pretty good thoughts, but just the topic got me thinking about IBS.


What it got me thinking about was, is The Pill the cause of my symptoms and attacks? Or is it just coincidental. I am pretty positive that I had my symptoms years before I actually started taking The Pill. But it got me thinking, maybe my body hasn’t been able to heal itself because its been so back logged with chemicals and hormones. I have been to doctors many many times about my condition, but this topic has never actually came up, maybe it will have to when I go see my doctor next week.

There is no actual evidence linking IBS with The Pill, but there isn’t any evidence against it either. I have read of stories of girls that had all the symptoms, and as soon as they stopped taking The Pill, the symptoms went away. But could it be that simple for me?

I just wonder what if I stopped taking The Pill, and let my body get rid of all the toxins within me, would that finally “cure” me? I don’t know if it would. The con’s of not taking The Pill would be possible irregular periods, worse cramps, spotting and not having a “normal” schedule. But if it were to actually make me feel better, would the pro’s out weigh the con’s?

I know that The Pill didn’t bring on my IBS, but it could be the cause of why it is still with me.

I have only been unofficially diagnosed with IBS because the doctors don’t actually know what is wrong with me. That’s the name of the condition I got because they plain just can’t figure it out. I have been for many ultrasounds and tests, I still have a few to go to yet, as well as another ultrasound.  But for the 10+ years that I have been like this, there has been no real answers. I am waiting to go for more tests to still rule out other more serious conditions.

I am looking into different supplements and natural remedies and cures for IBS, I haven’t tried much yet, but I am very skeptical of anything actually working. There are a few vitamins I may try, because I just met someone that has IBS and she said that it really has helped. So I am going to take her word on it and give it a shot. But talking with her also opened up my eyes to a few more things that could be the cause of it. I will have to explore these as well.


What is your opinion on the affects of The Pill with certain conditions, such as IBS?

Sorry for not posting yesterday, just wasn’t in the mood to do a post, I was too focused on trying to figure out what I am going to get everyone for Christmas.


Yesterday though was pretty good, did a great cardio workout at the gym burned over 500 calories! Supper I made a caesar salad and quinoa, finally I was able to make it, it was delicious. That was pretty much the highlight of yesterday. Not much else happened.




Today started out great, went to the gym again for my cardio and did 60 minutes on the treadmill. And I found out that it takes me 60 minutes to do 3.2miles, so right now if I did my 10k it would take me about 2 hours. But I barely did much running, I need to work on that more! I really need to start working on longer periods of running, its so hard though. Never been a runner before, but I guess I am being really active, which will benefit me. My goal for next week is to really UP my running, I have had 2 weeks of lots of activity, so I am ready to pick up my pace and just run. Wish me luck.

And today after my workout I changed it up a little and didn’t have my usual GM, I made a protein shake instead, 1 cup skim milk, chocolate syrup and 1/2 scoop cookies ‘n’ cream protein powder. So about 300 calories and 12g protein.



Lunch was absolutely delicious, I had left over quinoa with soya sauce and oven roasted butternut squash.



Have you started Christmas shopping at all yet? Or when do you normally start?


191 Days Left!

I know its still over a month away, but how can I NOT be excited already. I went home for the day today, wanted to visit for awhile. I picked up my Christmas tree while I was there, I want to see if the cats will allow us to have a Christmas tree. It’s still in its box and I really just want to put it up already, but I am going to wait until December 1st. I don’t know if I have ever been so excited about decorating for Christmas.

Today I am feeling really energized, while I was at my parents house I had a S’mores Flavour Luna bar, it was awesome, I need to buy a junk load next time. I can get my chocolate fix with only 180 calories, how could you go wrong?


Tonight is another good TV night, 2 hours of The Biggest Loser, I am addicted to it, this is actually the first season I started watching it. It’s so inspiring to watch how those people can just lose so much weight. Makes me want to stay active and stay fit so that I don’t end up like them ever. But good for them for doing something about it!


Do you have a favourite nutritional supplement or meal replacement bar? What kind?


Have a great night everyone!

Last night turned out okay, House was an intense episode, it was awesome. And Canada’s Worst Driver was ha-larious!

I had a little bit of a break down as we went to bed, but I got over it.

Today is a new day, just need to look at the bright side of things, think positive. It started out good, was off to the gym and did an intense 40 minute session on the elliptical. I think I sweated everything out, and I am feeling great today! Had my GM as soon as I got home, showered up and was ready to get on with my day.

It sucks when you’re feeling down, but you always need to remember that it WILL get better. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but it always does sooner or later.


Have a great day all!

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