Dec 1, 2009: First day of eating part Raw. It was a little harder than I figured, I definately need to find some easy recipes and stock up on more Raw foods. I think once I am better prepared things will go a lot smoother for me. I only ate Raw until about 5pm.

Dec 14, 2009: I went off the Raw path for awhile. But I got a new book, plus Christmas is coming and I am hoping to get more things to help in my journey. For the days leading up until Christmas I will do my best to do a High Raw diet and once Christmas is over I will continue it. Yesterday was Raw Apple Sauce and Raw Butternut Squash soup. You can see the posts on my main page about these.

Dec 15, 2009: I didn’t do the greatest today at Raw, however my supper was only Raw. So that was pretty impressive. See the post for details.

Dec 16, 2009: Today went off without a hitch. High Raw all day. I can’t say 100% because I guess technically not everything I uncook with is “Raw” but pretty dang close.