Today I tried a High Raw day. It was pretty difficult since I am not totally prepared.  To start off the morning I had an apple and a Christmas orange. I went to the grocery store and got some veggies for tonight’s supper. It is still very cold out today. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow, I can’t wait. I’ve been snacking on some almonds. For lunch I made a Chocolate Banana and Chia seed smoothie. It consisted of 8oz skim milk, 1 tsp Raw Chia seeds, chocolate syrup and 1 Banana. Not completely raw but I’m working at it.

I made Broccoli Raisin Sunflower Seed Salad, my first Raw salad and Dressing that turned out really good! I was pretty impressed with myself and with the recipe. And the main course of tonight’s supper was Fettuccini squash noodles in Alfredo sauce from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. I must say it was a pretty good meal with those two dishes. Pretty proud of myself for my first Raw meal. And there is lots of leftovers for tomorrow. yipee.

Broccoli Raisin Salad on Foodista

Broccoli Salad recipe(this is the recipe that I referred to when making it)


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