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This past week has been excruciating for me. Between the "time of the month" and having IBS, my symptoms have been ten times worse than they usually are, I have been feeling mostly decent the last little while until this week came and my stomach has been insanely uneasy. This week has been intense cramps that left me curled up in a ball unable to move and running to the bathroom, not what I call fun. I am not sure what to take, eat or do to help with this problem. I have heard that you can take Evening Primrose Oil to decrease the symptoms, but I have yet to look into that a little more, might be worth it. Apparently drinking peppermint tea is supposed to help, but I can’t seem to stand drinking any kind of tea. It’s just too bad that it takes over 6 months to get a specialist appointment to figure out if there are more serious issues going on with me than I know. It’s a pretty messed up system when it always takes so long.

Do you experience any of this? How do you deal with it?


Sorry for not posting anything for awhile! I’ll catch you up on EVERYTHING!

Starting Friday overnight it began snowing, Saturday was pretty blizzardy and getting pretty bad, we went out and got some food and a movie (The Invention of Lying; I’ll get into that in a minute). When we woke up Sunday morning it was like we were in the North Pole there was so much snow. We got a total of 27cm/10.6 inches of snow. So needless to say we were not able to leave our parking lot. We had to return the movie, luckily we live fairly close to the video store and we just walked there. We had to push one car out on our way. I did like at least 2 hours of shovelling, part of that was playing and building a fort out back! Finally at about 9:30pm Sunday night we were able to leave, the parking lot had been semi-cleaned, just so people were able to get to work in the morning. Full parking lot clean up was scheduled for Tuesday. So Monday rolled around and the roads were just terrible. I went on a side street that hadn’t been cleaned yet, and got STUCK. It was a sad day when a Ford came to save me. A nice Truck Driver stopped as well, and just talked me out of being stuck just by rocking back and forth basically. I headed out to my parents after that to get my sandbags to put in the back of my truck for more weight and made sure every street I went on was cleared. Tuesday came and went, I did Week 2 of Winter Shape Up. So then yesterday, Wednesday, came around and they are still cleaning snow after the storm. We went out for supper last night and had some Wood Fire cooked Pizza, it was extremely busy and we were there for probably 3 hours. I tried a Shrimp one and a Tomato one. The tomato one had basil, goat cheese, smoked tomato. The Shrimp on had, shrimp obviously, mandarin oranges (surprisingly good), pineapple, mozzarella cheese. I didn’t bring my camera with, so there is no pictures sadly.

And then we come to today, Thursday, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately. My brother came over for most of the day and we just hung out and played some Wii and visited. That was the extent of my day. Tomorrow I hope to get to the gym and do my WSU workout.

So as I was going to mention about the movie The Invention Of Lying, I did not like it very much. We had heard it was really good so that is why we rented it. It had its funny moments, but all in all I just didn’t care for it at all.  Have you seen it, what did you think?

Hey everyone, how are you today?  Wednesday and Friday’s Winter Shape Up workout were both really good, I am excited for the new one to come out on Monday. But right now I am glad to just have two days off to rest.

It’s starting to snow here we’re supposed to be getting a storm, so I don’t see much exciting stuff happening around here in the next couple days. However last night I made some tasty Banana Muffins, just using the same recipe as my banana bread.

Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins

Quick Update:

So today I headed to the gym in the morning. I did a warm up on the treadmill for 1 mile and then I did the same WSU as Monday. The workout went really well, my hamstrings were still a little sore but I was able to do the workout without any discomfort. After I finished that workout, I did some stretching and then a cool down on the treadmill for 10 minutes.

I can’t wait until next week to learn what Week 2 will hold for a workout. The best thing about this workout is that it adds variety, I do not feel bored with this workout and it works all the muscles that I want it to be working.

So today Gina posted her Winter Shape Up 2010 on her bloggy. Today will be the first day of it and I am rather excited to participate in it. Today I will be doing the Beginner workout to see how it feels and possibly bump up to the intermediate/advanced one depending if the beginner one worked me enough or not.  Thanks Gina for taking your time and designing this! It will definitely be a great workout and will help me get my butt back into serious gear. It will also help make my workouts more exciting, because I feel that they have been somewhat lacking lately.

So this is what she has posted for this week’s beginner workout that I will be doing.


Warm up with 5 minutes of walking or light jogging


Dumbbell frontal raise (12)

Plie squatwith bicep curl (12)

Medicine ball twist (10 on each side)

Jumping jacks (45 seconds)

Chair squats (12)

hammer curl (10 on each side)

Chair dips (10)

Good mornings (15- instead of holding a barbell, hold a medicine ball at your stomach)

Bent knee leg raises (12)

High knees (1 minutes)

Repeat circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 times. Stretch.



As you can see I combined the Plie Squat and the Curl together, just as in the intermediate/advanced workout because I wanted it to be a little more challenging for myself.

The whole workout, with quick water breaks and collecting the weights, medicine ball and stretching it took me a total time of 54 minutes and I burnt 372 calories!

Thanks Gina!

Last night was just a chill night, we rented the movie Up, such a good movie and a great story in it too. Don’t you just love having those nights where you can just relax and watch a great kids cartoon movie (without kids!) As for today, nothing much got done. We went out a little in the afternoon and that was about the extent of it all. Tomorrow is a different story, I will get in a good work out again and some weights, I am excited for that.

Weather this week is supposed to still be decent. But "they" are saying we should be getting snow by the weekend. It’s been so Spring like here in Sask lately its kind of odd.  I’m absolutely loving this warmer weather but it still just doesn’t feel right for January.

I just wanted to drop by and catch you up on my weekend, even though it hasn’t been anything excited. Maybe this week will be.




So today I did a little 25 minute workout. I did a quick 0.51 mile run on the treadmill to test out my shoes and so far so good. Then I did a nice weights sesh.

I used 15lbs (7.5lbs in each hand) and for the Leg Press I used the machine and used 40lbs.

3 X 10 Squats
3 X 10 Rows
3 X 10 Shoulder Press
Leg Press 40lbs: 3 X 10


As soon as I got home I made up a quick bowl of plain yogurt, granola and chia seeds.

Now it is time to get some laundry done and some light cleaning. I have opened all the windows up today, it is beautiful out, it is +2C/+36F. It’s like spring out there.


Have a great day!

So as you all know I got some new kicks! And I also splurged and got me a sport armband for my iPod touch. Now I won’t have to worry about holding it while I run, Yay!

belkin iPod armband



I’ll be the coolest cat running out there now! Especially with my Crops from Lululemon that I got for Christmas.

lulu crops 


I have a couple things on my Wish List from Lululemon whenever I get some spare cash or if anyone wants to buy me a special present (hint hint V-day is coming sweetheart LOL)

Such as this RUN tank exactly what I need! In pretty pink.

lulu tank

And/Or these shorts just because they are super cute. Not sure how good they would be for running? (anyone know?) If not I have a few RUN shorts in mind.

lulu short


I never thought I would be so much into a Brand name, but this is quality stuff! I wouldn’t buy my regular everyday wear there but when it comes down to my workout clothes, I don’t really want to cheap out anymore. Since getting more serious into running, you realize that you need good quality clothes and definitely good quality shoes to get the job done.

I don’t usually go to the gym on Saturday’s, but since I’ve been slacking this week and my pink eye has pretty much recovered, I can put my contacts in and get in a good run and try out my new shoes! There will definitely be an update on how they feel during a run.


Stay Tuned!

So today I went and bought my first pair of running shoes. The running shoes I was wearing previously were Wal-mart brand, so I wouldn’t consider those running shoes technically. Thanks to the helpful staff at Brainsport,with their knowledge of feet, the guy that helped me looked at my feet and measured them, went to the back and selected three different pairs of shoes. I tried on the first pair and they felt great, the second ones were still good but I was still liking #1 more, and then the 3rd pair I tried on were Brooks, and just like Cinderella, they were the perfect fit, I couldn’t imagine anything more comfortable than that! I was honestly amazed, and lucky me they were having a sale so they were 20% off.

Check these baby’s out!

New kicks

And of course Daisy had to inspect and approve first.

new kicks

new kicks

I can’t wait to run a couple miles in these puppies.



134 Days Left!


PINK! Uhg that only time when I don’t like this color is when it happens to my eye. I have pink eye right now. So I am stuck in my glasses, and I am feeling kind of crummy.Since I am stuck in my glasses I won’t be going to the gym, because I just can’t seem to function quite normally with these things on my face.

I was watching a little bit of The Doctors today, and just about at the end of the show they talked about conjunctivitis (pink eye), how weird is that!

Since I was pretty much stuck inside I watched a little television of course, as well I work on my meal plans. I basically finished Week 1, just need to update a few calories in there, and now I am working on Week 2 and 3, which includes Raw Wednesday. I definitely feel its a great idea to at least incorporate at least one 100% Raw day into my diet.

Lately I discovered like basically the best thing since sliced bread. Plain yogurt and granola mixed! I don’t know why I never thought of this earlier. I am obsessed!




And just another picture for fun. The beautiful Saskatchewan sunset from Sunday night (January 10th) on our way home from the lake.

Sask sunset

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