…You look at your grocery receipt from Superstore and notice that the next time you go there you get $30 free groceries, and you drool over the thought of how many fruits and veggies you can get.

…Also, when your dear boyfriend mentions how we should attach little hooks from the bottom side of the cupboards to hang bananas on.

Today started out with an apple and a Christmas orange. Then I did a 2.4 mile ride on the stationary bike. After that I showered had another orange, a banana and some almonds and was off and ready for the day! I am excited for lunch because it is left over Broccoli salad, I added a few dried cranberries, that made it extra great.

Earlier this afternoon I went out for a bit, I wanted to go scan a few Health Food stores for what they might have to offer me. I came home with a couple Blue Sky sodas, and then went to a pet store and picked up some food for the cats.

Mid afternoon I had a banana and then made a Raw Green Sludge, two handfuls spinach, one banana and some filtered water for blending. Who needs milk anymore? Not I.

Supper is as follows, left over zucchini noodles with raw alfredo and broccoli salad. Yum. And for the evening I will be taking it easy and snacking on fruits and nuts. Maybe more Green Sludge.