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WORKOUT – 2 miles and arms & back


Let’s to do a recap of this long weekend:

Monday’s a  holiday, Family Day, it’s only a holiday in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and PEI. As well as a couple of the states, etc. Basically, if you had Monday off, then you know what it is.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been on, and surprisingly we’ve been watching it a fair amount. We won a Gold Medal, that’s pretty cool. Canada Rocks!

Valentines was celebrated on Saturday, I was taken out for a lovely supper at my favourite place, Red Lobster, where I stuffed my face with crab legs. I did not hold back. As well as I was taken out for Lunch to an awesome place downtown that I have never heard of. It was called Souleio. We dined on Steelhead Panini’s, they had a citrus cream cheese and spinach. It was AH-mazing.

This weekend was pretty chillen. It was a movie renting weekend. Such movies as, The Hurt Locker, Zombieland and Hunger.

My Secret Bloggie Valentine, Jocelyn got my package. It included postcards of my amazing city! And Saskatoon Berry Tea. Hope you enjoy!

I received a message from my Secret Bloggie Valentine, Susan, where I was instructed to go to Brainsport and "get myself something warm". But unfortunately they were closed today for the holiday, so I am eagerly waiting to go tomorrow!

I got in a workout today, did 2 miles on the Cross trainer and did my Arms and Back strength training. It was super busy at the gym today since a lot of people had the day off.

So I think that will it for now, I don’t need to babble on for hours.

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?


Bloggie Valentines package has officially been sent off!

Supper tonight is a mix n match night, there will be a feast of Spaghetti squash with sauce and fried tofu. The only reason for this is basically to finish up what we have left so that we can stock up on some new stuff.

Then I am all booked up for the evening because The Biggest Loser is on tonight. That makes me sound like such a Loser. And speaking of being a loser, I really need to get into the gym tomorrow. I will drug myself take some cold meds and go to bed early just so I can hopefully feel better tomorrow.  Any tips on feeling better quick?

I am still feeling rotten! I had one horrible night, I was barely able to sleep, my nose is still stuffy and my throat has been bugging me too. When will I get a break!?

Anyways, I’m just completing my package for the Bloggie Valentine, however I will not be putting pictures up because I don’t want them to be able to peak early just in case they see this post! I can’t wait to see what I receive from my new bloggie friend, that will definitely be photographed and documented on here.

A few days ago I was going to visit my parents, it was a very beautiful frosty day. Lucky for you, I took pictures!

Tree tree and fence landscape

Isn’t Saskatchewan just beautiful? I love that landscape on, gotta love the prairies.

WORKOUT –  4 miles on treadmill – 60 minutes

I attempted my skills today for my 6.2 mile race, I fell short, only 4 miles before I had to call it quits. But for me I was impressed, plus I ran most of it which is almost impossible for me. I guess if I keep this up, I’ll be able to do the 6.2 in no time.

Pre-workout food was an apple and a banana. Post-workout fuel was 3 eggs scrambled.

And here’s another tribute to the month of LOVE! With only 6 days left.


So first off, not sure what kind of gift this would be! But I kind of thought it was clever, when the light is red it’s hot water, and when it’s blue it’s cold water. Just in case your real "smart" I guess. Not such a good gift if you’re color blind!


All I have to say is, WTF!?


I bet you don’t know what that is? Maybe it’s my new mask because I’m a super hero. Wait, no I’m not. It’s actually an ‘Eye massager’,  Umm ok then!


This is a good product because its Green, use warm or cold. But WHY is it a dog laying on your face? Why couldn’t they just make it something that wasn’t an animal, how about a rectangular shape


That’s it for now. Not even sure what to say after those inventions.

I cannot believe it’s the second day of February, where is this year going already? And it is the "Month of Love" really just a hallmark holiday, but I am still a fan, except for the high prices on EVERYTHING. Speaking of Hallmark, have you seen any of their eternity long 2 minute long commercials?? They are BRUTAL.

Here’s one:

Also here’s just a plain ol’ funny commercial:





 I did a search for some wacky or weird gift ideas, here’s what I found:

vday toilet paper

It says " I Love You From Top to Bottom"  haha how clever.


I think these are just the cutest things! My family has one, I would definitely get this one day.



roses elephant poo

These look nice right, but did you know they were made of Elephant Poo! Ick. Nothing says "I Love You" like Elephant Poo.

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