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WORKOUT – 5.1 miles

Breakfast: Apple

Post Workout: Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding (recipe from Angela’s blog, modified)

Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding

2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup water
1/2 tbsp agave
splash of vanilla extract
2 tbsp sweetened coconut

mix all ingredients for 2 minutes. Refrigerate 15 minutes, Stir and Enjoy! Only 180 calories

 vanilla coconut chia pudding

I went to Brainsport today and picked up my secret bloggie valentine gift, It’s not exactly "warm" but it’s something I’ve been eyeing up for awhile. Thanks Susan, I love it, I tested them out today and they are so comfy!

Brainsport Shorts

Lunch: Egg noodles with sweet n sour sauce.

sweet n sour egg noodles

Snack: Organic broccoli and carrots with ranch dressing


Supper: Sides Plus Vegetable fried rice with kidney beans

sides plus and kidneys

So disappointed, The Biggest Loser isn’t on tonight, I almost cried. I look forward to Tuesday nights with the gang. And it’s not on again until March 2nd. I think I just might cry, whatever will I do!


Bloggie Valentines package has officially been sent off!

Supper tonight is a mix n match night, there will be a feast of Spaghetti squash with sauce and fried tofu. The only reason for this is basically to finish up what we have left so that we can stock up on some new stuff.

Then I am all booked up for the evening because The Biggest Loser is on tonight. That makes me sound like such a Loser. And speaking of being a loser, I really need to get into the gym tomorrow. I will drug myself take some cold meds and go to bed early just so I can hopefully feel better tomorrow.  Any tips on feeling better quick?

I have been sort of MIA lately, sorry about that. This past weekend we went out to the lake for some winter fun.  We went snowmobiling, skating and then swimming (not in the lake!) It was some good family fun. That consisted of the weekend. And Monday night we went and saw Avatar in 3D and by-golly it was amazing. The 3D effects and motion make me dizzy and nauseous for awhile, but I got over it. It was such a good movie, great story line, and just wicked in 3D. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should!

Last night I watched The Biggest Loser, I’m hooked again this season. And for the remainder of the evening I was working on meal plans. Those meal plans take a lot of work. I am not even 1/3 done yet so I have got a bunch more to do.


I just wanted to check in! RUN page is updated daily, keep an eye out.


When you’re busy do you still eat healthy?

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