WORKOUT – 2 miles and arms & back


Let’s to do a recap of this long weekend:

Monday’s a  holiday, Family Day, it’s only a holiday in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and PEI. As well as a couple of the states, etc. Basically, if you had Monday off, then you know what it is.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been on, and surprisingly we’ve been watching it a fair amount. We won a Gold Medal, that’s pretty cool. Canada Rocks!

Valentines was celebrated on Saturday, I was taken out for a lovely supper at my favourite place, Red Lobster, where I stuffed my face with crab legs. I did not hold back. As well as I was taken out for Lunch to an awesome place downtown that I have never heard of. It was called Souleio. We dined on Steelhead Panini’s, they had a citrus cream cheese and spinach. It was AH-mazing.

This weekend was pretty chillen. It was a movie renting weekend. Such movies as, The Hurt Locker, Zombieland and Hunger.

My Secret Bloggie Valentine, Jocelyn got my package. It included postcards of my amazing city! And Saskatoon Berry Tea. Hope you enjoy!

I received a message from my Secret Bloggie Valentine, Susan, where I was instructed to go to Brainsport and "get myself something warm". But unfortunately they were closed today for the holiday, so I am eagerly waiting to go tomorrow!

I got in a workout today, did 2 miles on the Cross trainer and did my Arms and Back strength training. It was super busy at the gym today since a lot of people had the day off.

So I think that will it for now, I don’t need to babble on for hours.

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?