What’s there to say about today? Not much! Gym workout was good,  did 2.16 miles and strength training doing arms and back, upped my weight from 16lbs to 20lbs. That’s pretty exciting. And on a sadder note, I weighed in and did measurements and compared from 3 months ago, and I gained 10lbs and gained 0.5 inches on each spot. Ick! That was kind of a reality check to seriously get my butt moving into gear, especially since summer is going to come so quickly.

I have an upcoming Zumba workshop in just over 2 weeks, so I am thinking that doing that might be the swift kick in the rear to get me moving again.

As for supper tonight, we made some fish with a lemon butter dill sauce (YUMMY) and a caesar salad on the side. I was craving the salad so bad, the fish was a nice touch.


I am just getting ready for bed now, pretty tired, still fighting whatever sickness that is trying to take over my body.

Do you go to a fitness class or are you thinking of joining one? Which one?