Sunday already!? Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday consisted of coffee with a very good friend in the morning, we browsed some stores for awhile. I headed to Walmart after that I picked up a few items for the kitties. Then I was off to my parents house for a bit of a visit. After that it was supper time, we went and tried out some Authentic Indian Food at Spicy Bite. There was a buffet so we were able to feast on a variety of dishes. I feasted on some mixed veggies in a milder spicy sauce, channa masala (chickpeas in spicy sauce), plain rice, vegetable samosas, and awesome naan bread. It was a very small little restaurant, but great service. Kind of reminded me of Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld. Not Pakistani, but the way the man waited on us it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode. It was a great night.


The evening was very uneventful, just relaxed. I think I am really fighting a cold right now so I have been feeling really drained and stuffed up.

I think today will mostly be pretty chill. This morning I have already been cleaning, I vacuumed and started laundry. So far its been productive. I will catch you up later if anything more happens!