I cannot believe it’s the second day of February, where is this year going already? And it is the "Month of Love" really just a hallmark holiday, but I am still a fan, except for the high prices on EVERYTHING. Speaking of Hallmark, have you seen any of their eternity long 2 minute long commercials?? They are BRUTAL.

Here’s one:

Also here’s just a plain ol’ funny commercial:





 I did a search for some wacky or weird gift ideas, here’s what I found:

vday toilet paper

It says " I Love You From Top to Bottom"  haha how clever.


I think these are just the cutest things! My family has one, I would definitely get this one day.



roses elephant poo

These look nice right, but did you know they were made of Elephant Poo! Ick. Nothing says "I Love You" like Elephant Poo.