This past week has been excruciating for me. Between the "time of the month" and having IBS, my symptoms have been ten times worse than they usually are, I have been feeling mostly decent the last little while until this week came and my stomach has been insanely uneasy. This week has been intense cramps that left me curled up in a ball unable to move and running to the bathroom, not what I call fun. I am not sure what to take, eat or do to help with this problem. I have heard that you can take Evening Primrose Oil to decrease the symptoms, but I have yet to look into that a little more, might be worth it. Apparently drinking peppermint tea is supposed to help, but I can’t seem to stand drinking any kind of tea. It’s just too bad that it takes over 6 months to get a specialist appointment to figure out if there are more serious issues going on with me than I know. It’s a pretty messed up system when it always takes so long.

Do you experience any of this? How do you deal with it?