Sorry for not posting anything for awhile! I’ll catch you up on EVERYTHING!

Starting Friday overnight it began snowing, Saturday was pretty blizzardy and getting pretty bad, we went out and got some food and a movie (The Invention of Lying; I’ll get into that in a minute). When we woke up Sunday morning it was like we were in the North Pole there was so much snow. We got a total of 27cm/10.6 inches of snow. So needless to say we were not able to leave our parking lot. We had to return the movie, luckily we live fairly close to the video store and we just walked there. We had to push one car out on our way. I did like at least 2 hours of shovelling, part of that was playing and building a fort out back! Finally at about 9:30pm Sunday night we were able to leave, the parking lot had been semi-cleaned, just so people were able to get to work in the morning. Full parking lot clean up was scheduled for Tuesday. So Monday rolled around and the roads were just terrible. I went on a side street that hadn’t been cleaned yet, and got STUCK. It was a sad day when a Ford came to save me. A nice Truck Driver stopped as well, and just talked me out of being stuck just by rocking back and forth basically. I headed out to my parents after that to get my sandbags to put in the back of my truck for more weight and made sure every street I went on was cleared. Tuesday came and went, I did Week 2 of Winter Shape Up. So then yesterday, Wednesday, came around and they are still cleaning snow after the storm. We went out for supper last night and had some Wood Fire cooked Pizza, it was extremely busy and we were there for probably 3 hours. I tried a Shrimp one and a Tomato one. The tomato one had basil, goat cheese, smoked tomato. The Shrimp on had, shrimp obviously, mandarin oranges (surprisingly good), pineapple, mozzarella cheese. I didn’t bring my camera with, so there is no pictures sadly.

And then we come to today, Thursday, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately. My brother came over for most of the day and we just hung out and played some Wii and visited. That was the extent of my day. Tomorrow I hope to get to the gym and do my WSU workout.

So as I was going to mention about the movie The Invention Of Lying, I did not like it very much. We had heard it was really good so that is why we rented it. It had its funny moments, but all in all I just didn’t care for it at all.  Have you seen it, what did you think?