So today Gina posted her Winter Shape Up 2010 on her bloggy. Today will be the first day of it and I am rather excited to participate in it. Today I will be doing the Beginner workout to see how it feels and possibly bump up to the intermediate/advanced one depending if the beginner one worked me enough or not.  Thanks Gina for taking your time and designing this! It will definitely be a great workout and will help me get my butt back into serious gear. It will also help make my workouts more exciting, because I feel that they have been somewhat lacking lately.

So this is what she has posted for this week’s beginner workout that I will be doing.


Warm up with 5 minutes of walking or light jogging


Dumbbell frontal raise (12)

Plie squatwith bicep curl (12)

Medicine ball twist (10 on each side)

Jumping jacks (45 seconds)

Chair squats (12)

hammer curl (10 on each side)

Chair dips (10)

Good mornings (15- instead of holding a barbell, hold a medicine ball at your stomach)

Bent knee leg raises (12)

High knees (1 minutes)

Repeat circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 times. Stretch.



As you can see I combined the Plie Squat and the Curl together, just as in the intermediate/advanced workout because I wanted it to be a little more challenging for myself.

The whole workout, with quick water breaks and collecting the weights, medicine ball and stretching it took me a total time of 54 minutes and I burnt 372 calories!

Thanks Gina!