So today I did a little 25 minute workout. I did a quick 0.51 mile run on the treadmill to test out my shoes and so far so good. Then I did a nice weights sesh.

I used 15lbs (7.5lbs in each hand) and for the Leg Press I used the machine and used 40lbs.

3 X 10 Squats
3 X 10 Rows
3 X 10 Shoulder Press
Leg Press 40lbs: 3 X 10


As soon as I got home I made up a quick bowl of plain yogurt, granola and chia seeds.

Now it is time to get some laundry done and some light cleaning. I have opened all the windows up today, it is beautiful out, it is +2C/+36F. It’s like spring out there.


Have a great day!