So today I went and bought my first pair of running shoes. The running shoes I was wearing previously were Wal-mart brand, so I wouldn’t consider those running shoes technically. Thanks to the helpful staff at Brainsport,with their knowledge of feet, the guy that helped me looked at my feet and measured them, went to the back and selected three different pairs of shoes. I tried on the first pair and they felt great, the second ones were still good but I was still liking #1 more, and then the 3rd pair I tried on were Brooks, and just like Cinderella, they were the perfect fit, I couldn’t imagine anything more comfortable than that! I was honestly amazed, and lucky me they were having a sale so they were 20% off.

Check these baby’s out!

New kicks

And of course Daisy had to inspect and approve first.

new kicks

new kicks

I can’t wait to run a couple miles in these puppies.



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