So as you all know I got some new kicks! And I also splurged and got me a sport armband for my iPod touch. Now I won’t have to worry about holding it while I run, Yay!

belkin iPod armband



I’ll be the coolest cat running out there now! Especially with my Crops from Lululemon that I got for Christmas.

lulu crops 


I have a couple things on my Wish List from Lululemon whenever I get some spare cash or if anyone wants to buy me a special present (hint hint V-day is coming sweetheart LOL)

Such as this RUN tank exactly what I need! In pretty pink.

lulu tank

And/Or these shorts just because they are super cute. Not sure how good they would be for running? (anyone know?) If not I have a few RUN shorts in mind.

lulu short


I never thought I would be so much into a Brand name, but this is quality stuff! I wouldn’t buy my regular everyday wear there but when it comes down to my workout clothes, I don’t really want to cheap out anymore. Since getting more serious into running, you realize that you need good quality clothes and definitely good quality shoes to get the job done.

I don’t usually go to the gym on Saturday’s, but since I’ve been slacking this week and my pink eye has pretty much recovered, I can put my contacts in and get in a good run and try out my new shoes! There will definitely be an update on how they feel during a run.


Stay Tuned!