PINK! Uhg that only time when I don’t like this color is when it happens to my eye. I have pink eye right now. So I am stuck in my glasses, and I am feeling kind of crummy.Since I am stuck in my glasses I won’t be going to the gym, because I just can’t seem to function quite normally with these things on my face.

I was watching a little bit of The Doctors today, and just about at the end of the show they talked about conjunctivitis (pink eye), how weird is that!

Since I was pretty much stuck inside I watched a little television of course, as well I work on my meal plans. I basically finished Week 1, just need to update a few calories in there, and now I am working on Week 2 and 3, which includes Raw Wednesday. I definitely feel its a great idea to at least incorporate at least one 100% Raw day into my diet.

Lately I discovered like basically the best thing since sliced bread. Plain yogurt and granola mixed! I don’t know why I never thought of this earlier. I am obsessed!




And just another picture for fun. The beautiful Saskatchewan sunset from Sunday night (January 10th) on our way home from the lake.

Sask sunset