I didn’t really want to have to do this. But since I have gained weight, (like 5lbs! eek) over the Christmas holidays, I need to be serious now. I am starting to count my calories again, which just makes me realize again how much I was over eating. Fresh start with calorie counting and back to exercising my butt off. I made up a little spreadsheet to track calories in and calories out during exercise. This way I have a visual, something to stick to. Hopefully in a short while I was start to see those added pounds come off again and get back to where I was and keep losing and gaining strength with my exercises.

Today I went out and bought me some sweet hockey skates, since my feet are too wide for figure skates. It didn’t take too long to find something, and so far so good, the real test will be when I actually get one some ice to see how my feet feel then *fingers crossed* . The plan is to maybe do some skating this weekend that’s why I went out and got some, I was planning to do it anyways at some point.

Also, today I have been a cleaning machine, just basic tidying and vacuuming. I did a bit of laundry and general cleaning of all surfaces.

Just wanted to stop by and make a small post, but I need to get back to business. Have a great weekend everyone!