Today has been sort of a write-off, I slept in a little bit and once I was up I had to wait for the UPS guy to get here and bring my packages! Christmas presents have arrived! I also had 2 books I was waiting for among those presents. There was "Tell me what to eat if I have IBS" and "Healthy digestion the natural way". There is pictures of the book covers and a link as well in my READ page.  But as soon as my packages arrived I was off to the gym! All my running updates will be posted in my RUN page. Today’s goal was 2.6 miles, and it was achieved. Official marathon training has begun!

The rest of the afternoon I have pretty much been reading my new books. They are pretty good so far. Hopefully for Christmas I will be able to get some good books on Raw Food diets. I added those to my list,  otherwise I will just be ordering/buying them after Christmas!

Tomorrow I am setting up the Christmas tree! The first day of December, and its supposed to snow. So it will be perfect weather for Christmas music and decorating. And of course there will be pictures to follow that.

I have been working on my blog a lot these past couple days, if you haven’t noticed! I am looking to improve and expand. Sometime in the nearer future I will be getting my own website, so stay tuned for that. That will be so exciting!!

New episodes of House and Canada’s Worst Driver are on tonight, so that’s what I will be doing!




180 Days Left!