I kind of feel like I am going nowhere with my running. I can barely do 3 miles, and most days I don’t. How am I supposed to do 6.2miles in May next year. I need to rethink my process and write up a different goal list so that every time I go for a run I have a goal to reach before I can leave.

I worked for awhile on a spreadsheet of my goals up to the marathon in May 2010. I think its a great idea. Here’s a little snippet:



Obviously it’s still pretty empty, but as I go I will be filling in the remaining columns to keep track of everything. As it goes on until May, the distances will keep increasing, so by the marathon comes I will be able to easily run 6.2 miles. Slowly, but surely.

So now whenever I go to the gym, I need to reach some kind of goal so that will give me more motivation to keep going. Plus I really need to be able to do the marathon, time will pass too quickly I’m sure and I don’t want to be unprepared for my first ever.


Have you ever ran a marathon? What was your training process?




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