So today I decided to take the hour drive out to the farm to visit my dad. Luckily I did because he needed more milk and cereal, and the dog needed more cookies. My dad is such a silly guy.

But before I left I had to pack some snacks so that I could munch on things while I was there.


I packed all this: water, S’mores Luna bar, 2 raisin bran muffins, 2 Christmas oranges, 2 apples, 1 banana and a handful of almonds.

I ate the Luna bar, 1 orange, a few almonds and the banana. I gave the other orange to my dad. It was nice to have snacks that I know are good, because he has his sugar cereals and cookies out there and I didn’t want to eat those things!

It was a beautiful, but chilly day out in the country, lots of sun.

P1010992 P1020010

These pictures are from September when I was out there last because I didn’t take any new pictures today. But its just so beautiful and quiet. No city noise, and being there at night is awesome because the amount of stars you can see out there is incredible. And then there’s buddy, he was being a big suck today laying in front of the propane heater. He’s 10 years old so his bones are achy.

Yesterday, I pretty much finished all my  Christmas shopping, I bought most of it online so it was easy. Now I only have a few places to go in town to completely finish. And its only one more month until Christmas! It’s getting so close, and I am starting to get pumped. My Christmas tree and the rest of my decorations are going up next week.

But for the rest of the night here I think I am just going to just chill out and watch some The Biggest Loser – Where are they now?. So have a good night all!