I was looking through some of the blogs that I enjoy, and I happened to click on Gena’s from Choosing Raw, and the topic was Birth Control. There was some pretty good thoughts, but just the topic got me thinking about IBS.


What it got me thinking about was, is The Pill the cause of my symptoms and attacks? Or is it just coincidental. I am pretty positive that I had my symptoms years before I actually started taking The Pill. But it got me thinking, maybe my body hasn’t been able to heal itself because its been so back logged with chemicals and hormones. I have been to doctors many many times about my condition, but this topic has never actually came up, maybe it will have to when I go see my doctor next week.

There is no actual evidence linking IBS with The Pill, but there isn’t any evidence against it either. I have read of stories of girls that had all the symptoms, and as soon as they stopped taking The Pill, the symptoms went away. But could it be that simple for me?

I just wonder what if I stopped taking The Pill, and let my body get rid of all the toxins within me, would that finally “cure” me? I don’t know if it would. The con’s of not taking The Pill would be possible irregular periods, worse cramps, spotting and not having a “normal” schedule. But if it were to actually make me feel better, would the pro’s out weigh the con’s?

I know that The Pill didn’t bring on my IBS, but it could be the cause of why it is still with me.

I have only been unofficially diagnosed with IBS because the doctors don’t actually know what is wrong with me. That’s the name of the condition I got because they plain just can’t figure it out. I have been for many ultrasounds and tests, I still have a few to go to yet, as well as another ultrasound.  But for the 10+ years that I have been like this, there has been no real answers. I am waiting to go for more tests to still rule out other more serious conditions.

I am looking into different supplements and natural remedies and cures for IBS, I haven’t tried much yet, but I am very skeptical of anything actually working. There are a few vitamins I may try, because I just met someone that has IBS and she said that it really has helped. So I am going to take her word on it and give it a shot. But talking with her also opened up my eyes to a few more things that could be the cause of it. I will have to explore these as well.


What is your opinion on the affects of The Pill with certain conditions, such as IBS?