Its Saturday! Which means Ryan is at his painting class, which means I get free range over the condo today and get to clean, clean, clean! bahaha.

Its funny because I read Ange’s Post about getting back on track after indulging. And I thought that was funny, because yesterday I kind of pigged out on a bag of microwave popcorn and we ordered a pizza for supper. And I just regretted putting it into my body after having such a good week. And so today I was determined to get up, clean up the house, keep moving and eat right! I have 2 days of rest for exercise now, but I don’t want to feel lazy. I don’t have wheatgrass or anything and I don’t like tea, But I did start my morning off with a Green Monster!



The pill I take each morning religiously is Acidophilus, I should be taking my multi-vit, calcium/magnesium, and Vitamin D. Maybe I will make a pact to myself and start doing it.

I went to Wal-Mart today because I needed to get a new items (cat litter and deodorizer mostly) BAD BAD idea, it was so busy, I hate Saturdays at Wal-Mart, especially getting close to Christmas. But I did pick up a cute little rug for decoration in front of the fireplace.



And still being silly, I figured I would go to the mall and go to the dollar store, where I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff. My favourites are the little reindeer and the snowman plates! I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit now!





I cleaned up the living room very nicely, I rearranged a little bit so that I can decorate completely for Christmas. I need the mantle for my decorations, and as you can see in the picture, there is a television in front of the fire place. And yes there are TIRES in the middle of the living room. And then Voila! It magically appears, and its cleaned out and decorated as well. I’m not sure if we can actually light a fire in it, so I set up some candles in there, to at least get the nice glow. I also stuck a mirror in the back to help reflect the light.








I would have to say, I am pretty impressed with the results. Now all I need to do is finish the Christmas decorations.  I might wait until December 1st though, the usual tradition. That way there is less time for the cats to destroy everything.

I have been on my feet ALL DAY. I haven’t had much of a break, other than right now writing in the blog. I have barely eaten today either. So I think I made up for yesterday’s bad eating. I can’t wait to rest this evening and just enjoy those candles in the fireplace.