Last night was the worst ever, I was trying to sleep but was having serious painful menstrual cramps. I woke up at like 9:30am and was just feeling like complete crap. I showered and changed into my work out clothes and sat with the hot water bottle on my lower ab for awhile. I was debating whether or not to go to the gym for an easy workout. I debated for awhile, then I decided, well I need to go put gas in my truck so I might as well go do that and then go to the gym. So off I went! Gym was great, I felt so good after. I just did 14% incline walking on the treadmill and a walk on the tread climber. Totalled 25 minutes today, yay go me. As soon as I got home I made a Classic Green Monster. I rested for awhile and then I figured I should do my yoga! It was TOUGH! But it felt good to be challenged and pushed just a little.

After that I did 10 minutes of stretching.

Here’s the yoga mat, and Lily, she’s always watching.



And can’t forget the GM! Yum.



My cramps don’t seem half as bad anymore since I’ve been staying more active throughout it rather than just curling up on the couch, even though that is very appealing to me.


I also did my strength training, which consisted of squats, shoulder press with band, row with band and sit ups.


Supper tonight was pretty simple, we made chicken quesadilla’s topped with sour cream, green onion and salsa. The filling was chicken, mushrooms, onion and cheese. It was quite tasty. Forgot to snap a picture though!


So all ‘n’ all today wasn’t too shabby, got a few decent work outs in which made me forget the cramps and crappy feeling. Since the evening where I have just been kind of sitting around, I have been feeling worse. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight.




Today’s Playlist:

If you’re going through hell – Rodney Atkins

Things people say – Lady Antebellum


198 days left!