Today started out not so great. Slept in! Uhg I just hate that feeling. But in no time again I was off to the gym for my cardio workout. I did my regular treadmill run and then I did some 13% incline walking for a bit, and then hit the tread climber. By the end I was very sweaty and feeling fantastic.  Once I got home I instantly made a Classic Green Monster – 1 cup spinach, 1 cup milk and 1 banana. It was de-lish.


I really think that my decision to race in my first 10k in May has really inspired me to keep running, and run more. It gives me a goal to work towards, and that way I don’t really feel like I am running for no reason. 199 days left!


I printed out 4 core yoga poses that I want to be doing, its an alternative to what Angela is doing starting today, November 11th until December 10th. 30 day Whittle my middle! I think its a great idea, what she will be following is great but I don’t have a stability ball so I am just finding something that will work for me here. I will still do 6-10minutes 5 days of the week for the month. So let’s see how it turns out!  I will continue my cardio at least 3 times per week and my strength training up to 3 times per week as well. I’ve got to see results after all this in 1 month!


Snack tonight was breaded zucchini sticks (I used gluten free rice bread crumbs) with a side of seasoned tomato paste for dipping. I had 5 sticks, which was just over 1 small zucchini. It was quite tasty.


Today I got 3 small butternut squashes. There was only like 3 in the whole store so I raided them and took them all! BAHAHAHA. I can’t wait to have one, tomorrow maybe?