Today I slept in, uhg, but I didn’t take long to get ready and head off to the gym. It was an intense cardio workout, ALOT of sweat! And then after I rewarded myself with a Green Monster.( Today mine consisted of about 2 cups spinach, 1 cup skim lactaid, 1 banana, and a couple handfuls of mixed fruit, I added more strawberries than anything that’s why its not really “green”. I feel so energized today from working out and having a huge vitamin boost from the Green Monster.


Daisy wanted in on some Green Monster action as well.



Supper was pretty basic today, Chicken Caesar wraps. But still exceptionally tasty and healthy. I had two of these.



I bought an Acorn Squash to try because they were all out of my favourite Butternut Squashes *sad face*. I baked it in the oven for over an hour with butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup. It had a good taste, but should be eaten fresh out of the oven and not heated up, I found this out by my own error. However never underestimate the squash!



For the evening we just hung out in the living room, watching Seinfeld, House and Canada’s Worst Driver. We also played some Mario Kart Wii.



Had a breakthrough idea tonight. I will be participating in my first marathon ever in 2010. It will be a 10k on May 30th, 2010.  It gives me lots of time to prepare and train, and it also gives me something to look forward to when I am doing my runs. Woo!





Today’s Playlist:

Shakira – She Wolf

Ram Jam – Black Betty