So today I did an overhaul of my pantry, it was a cluttered unorganized mess in there. I didn’t think of taking before pictures, but just imagine it. And here’s after:




Let us start with the first shelf.



I have sections on my canned shelf. First isle is “Bean Medley”, second is Kidney beans and pork n beans, third we have some pinto beans and tomato sauce, forth is corn of varying types, next we have mushrooms of different types, then we have our canned tomatoes and lastly we have some canned peaches.


As for the second shelf,



I have my own organizing containers, which are all labelled. I have some Quinoa, dried cranberries, raw pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, raisins, chickpeas and salted sunflower seeds. I also have flax seeds, almonds and some unhealthy nut containers. There is some homemade granolies, a couple Oskri Coconut bars and Quinoa bars, a Luna bar and some Hot Chocolate mix.


On to the third shelf,



I have my Simply Organic vegetarian chili seasoning, some organic cocoa powder, honey and canned pumpkin. There is also some gluten free rice bread crumbs and regular croutons. Then I have Navitas Cacao nibs, Goji berries and Chia seeds and underneath those is some rice paper. Then there is my brown rice syrup and natural peanut butter. And my favourite snack cookie, Arrowroots.




And then there is my bottom shelf, I think its called the bottom shelf for a reason,



This is where all my baking stuff, gluten free and regular, goes. You can see I have some GF muffin mix and gravy, there’s some popcorn seeds, oats, and sprinkles, coconut, and even some No Name Jello’s. Its a mess down there but at least I know what’s all down there.


So what else did I do today? Not much! ha-ha. For supper Ryan did all the cooking because I wasn’t feeling well. We had Chicken Pineapple stir fry, it was delicious! We got the recipe from once again, I think that’s where we have been getting all our recipes from lately.


Today’s Playlist:

Monks – Drugs in my pocket

Trooper – General hand grenade