Just want to start out, Its my man’s birthday today! Happy 24th Birthday sweetheart.


Again I went to the gym for my cardio, it felt awesome, my endurance is increasing and it feels great. This back on track week has been a great success. But it needs to last more than just this week, its going to last a lot longer until my goals are all reached. By spring I want to be able to jog 3 miles without stopping. My first goal however is to be able to run 1 mile with out stopping. My first mile takes 15:15min/mile, but that is better than my previous one of 16:00min/mile. If I keep up what I am doing, it will be easily attainable.


The whole day awesome, we went to a new restaurant (to us) in town called Calories, I ordered a vegetarian dish it was called “Ratatouille filled zucchini boat topped with aged chevre on a bed of barley paella, saffron cream sauce”.


Zucchini Dish


We went to Ruckers for awhile, super fun and got some candy for prizes. Then the six of us came back to our place and played Rockband on Wii for a couple hours. This evening was a bad day for junk food. I didn’t pig out however, but I did indulge in some chips and dip, and some candy, but once I started getting a tummy ache I stopped eating it and went to bed. I can’t eat candy like I used to when I was a kid.  So all n all the day wasn’t a disaster for eating.





Today’s Playlist:

Hedley – Cha Ching

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta know