Its still back on track week, and I must say that I am kicking some serious butt!  2 days in a row I have exercised, just got to keep it up! I am drinking plenty of water, and still improving on my foods yet. One baby step at a time.

I need to pick up a few things from the store soon, to make more granolies! Its such a great thing to snack on, and some dried fruit. I need to slowly wean myself off of those bad things, like microwave popcorn, cookies, and chips. On occasion those things are alright, but I crave them too much that I just really need to find an alternative so that they aren’t even crossing my mind. Sorry junk food, but I think we are going to have to stop seeing each other. I am sorry, its over! I have already kicked my diet pop habit, now on to the next deadly thing.


I was at the gym today for my cardio workout, did it ever feel good! I was sweating like crazy, that may sound gross but it is soo good!


For supper we made Zucchini Lasagna and caesar salad. I followed the recipe from It was such an amazing dish, I can’t believe we were putting it off for so long, we need to stop doing that!





I am starting to feel wiped now after supper, stomach was upset for awhile and that damn IBS-D kicked in. Going to cut out meat for a week and see if that’s what is triggering me, because the same thing happened yesterday after eating pork.


I discovered a blog about IBS tonight, I am reading it from start to finish, all 5 years! Might take awhile but I think reading someone else’s experience may help my own.


So this next week will be junk food and meat free. Wish me luck!


Today’s Playlist:

Rodney Atkins – If you’re going through hell

Savage Garden – Break me Shake me